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Fresh Water Fresh Lifestyle!

Everybody knows the water that comes through your tap in Tenerife is drinkable, it cannot hurt you, but it doesn’t taste good. It has a salty taste due to the high mineral content and like most water can contain impurities, you can’t taste or smell – impurities that can be potentially harmful.

The average person uses more than 2 litres of drinking water every day and nobody wants to drink unfiltered water, most people prefer bottled water from the supermarkets. Every year an average couple will carry 1,400kg, or 1.5 tons of full plastic bottles home and then haul roughly 1,500 of empties away again! That is a lot of time, money and effort transporting plastic bottles. Meanwhile, environmentalists are questioning the purpose of lugging those polluting bottles all over the earth.

So what can we do, is there another option?

Well actually there is. Unlike some water filtration systems, Aquasana products are both affordable and cost effective when compared to bottled water.

A lot of people ask “isn’t my water good enough without a water filtration system?" Well, that depends on your standards of good enough. We believe that the healthiest water is water as it was before the influences of modern man. Water free from chemical contaminants.

The best way to ensure pure, contaminant-free drinking water throughout your home is with a filtration system. Our Aquasana systems remove chlorine, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, turbidity and cysts leaving a better tasting drinking water. It's like having natural spring water on tap in your home!

These deluxe, high capacity, virtually maintenance free systems are easily installed in any home.

But why stop at drinking water?

Anyone who has swum in a chlorinated pool knows the harsh effects that chlorine has depriving skin and hair of moisture. What most don't realise is that in general there is as much chlorine in your tap water as in most pools.

Visit our products page and see how Aquasana provides solutions for all types of homes.

With Aquasana products now available in Tenerife, why shouldn’t you drink, shower, bath and LIVE with pure, healthy water!

Healthy water shouldn’t be a luxury; it’s a basic human need.